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Dive Data Recorder

product code: OR033141 (assembled on mask)
product code: OR033142 (DDR Interface w/ USB Cable)

DDRDiving computers record the dive data of the diver and is a helpful system in recording the "dive
history/log" of a single diver. OCEAN REEF has designed a dive data logging device for full face
mask: The DDR - Dive Data Recorder.

The DDR is a small, lightweight, self-powered recorder of the main dive parameters: time, depth
and temperature. Its 10 year autonomy makes it an asset well worth adding to your OCEAN REEF
full face mask. A full face mask is a hi-tech product with an integrated regulator. It is a strong and
sophisticated piece of diving gear that requires proper care and servicing. The DDR can also help
maintain proper service scheduling.

For business or commercial purposes, the full face mask might be shared or used by different
divers.Thanks to the DDR, a complete and precise log of its activity is generated by showing the
number of dives, the kind of dives, the depth reached, the dive profile, the water temperature and
other data that may be of great importance in terms of proper maintenance, care, performance
and managing of the entire full face mask.

The DDR is very small (1.65" x 1.26" x 0.75" / 42 x 32 x 19 mm) and is installed at the factory on
the right side of the full face mask visor. (Any state-of the-art OCEAN REEF Space, Raptor, Predatoror IRON MASK may be equipped with a DDR.)

The battery, sophisticated sensor, flash memory and processor (capable of storing 1,500 hours of dive data with a 10 second sampling interval) are all sealed and protected in the DDR housing. Three sealed screws affix the small unit on the side of the full face mask visor. The DDR is ready to be used and will automatically record depth and temperature profiles for all your dives when activated through water contact. Downloading your dive data to your computer takes just a couple of mouse clicks utilizing the bundled software.

To begin using the DDR, view the Neptune System Mask Assistance Plan.

  • Activation: Activates at a depth of 3 ft. Deactivates after about 3 minutes above 3 ft. Threshold and end-timer are user-configurable.
  • Sampling Interval: 10 seconds. User-configurable from 1 s to over 18 hrs. Capacity changes with interval (e.g. 1,500 hrs @ 10 s., 150 hrs @ 1 s.).
  • Capacity: Approx. 1,500 hours of data profiles (depth & temperature). Based on standard 10 second sample interval.
  • Working Limits: Depth, 500 feet. Temperature, -20º C to +40º C.
  • Units: Software selectable view of measurement (meters or feet) and degrees (C or F).
  • Downloading: Via exposed metal pads on case. Mates with universal download unit. Downloads to desktop, laptop, or Palm computers for profile analysis and logging.
  • Size: 1.65” x 1.26” x 0.75” (42 x 32 x 19 mm)
  • Lifetime up to 10 yrs, permanent lithium cell.
  • Identification: Individually serialized both physically and electronically. Allows tracking of several devices on one computer.
  • The DDR has been developed in partnership with ReefNet, Inc – Canada.

Dive Data recorder interface for pc with USB cable (Code OR033142)

The DDR interface is clean, organized, and easy to use. All features are accessed from a single screen, divided into tabs with different functions. Mask dives are sorted by device (if you own multiple recorders) and by date. Downloading is as simple as pressing a button… as is changing the sampling rate and other device parameters! Choosing a dive generates a convenient, logbook-style dive summary. Everything you need to know is at a glance: bottom time, surface interval, average and max depths, average and minimum temperatures, and your maximum ascent rate. You can even enter your tank pressures to calculate SAC rate! Detailed depth and temperature profiles are stored for every dive. A convenient and unobtrusive cursor allows you to investigate points of interest. Drag the mouse to zoom in and view highly detailed data.

DDR Manager Software Windows (Zip format)
DDR Manager Software MAC (Zip format)
DDR Interface Driver Software (Zip format)
DDR Brochure (PDF format)

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