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Visor Light

Visor Lights
(Neptune Space)

product code: 33380

The Visor Lights for the Neptune Space mask consist of a row of 6 powerful LEDs, assembled in a removable system placed inside the mask visor. An on/off switch is installed in the surface air valve port, but does not impair the function of the surface air valve.

You may purchase a Neptune Space mask with visor lights installed or buy the visor lights system separately.


  • 75-lumen output/LED
  • 100,000-hour light life
  • 12 degree beam angle
  • Light color TYP 5,500 – MAX 10,000 Kº
  • 3 hour burn time, depending on the type of rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof to 80 m (260 ft)
  • Rechargeable CR 123 lithium battery included
  • 12v battery charger with vehicle lighter connector cable included

NOTE: These lights are not designed to be a primary light source.

Optical Lens Support

Optical Lens Support

product code: 33299

Optical Lens Support (Used with Neptune Space, Neptune II NIRA, Neptune II)

  • Frame designed, specifically for a Neptune Series mask, to allow the use of standard optical lenses (lenses not included) while diving
  • Lightweight, strong
  • Frame may be easily inserted and removed


product code: OR023006


When communicating underwater at short distance or in closed environments, it is often possible that audio distortion is caused by excessive transmission strength. The transmitters are relatively powerful, and if they are used in a pool or very close to each other, distortion can be created. The audio goes "off the scale", and becomes difficult to understand. The "Damper" can be inserted on the antenna; it is made of a spongy material with many tiny air pockets. The combination of the two materials creates the filter needed to reduce the transmission power as needed and make conversation intelligible again.

Polar Mesh Strap

Glacier Strap

product code: OR002902

Glacier Strap (Used with any Neptune Space mask, comes standard with the Neptune Space Predator)

  • Designed for low temperatures and extreme condition dives
  • HNBR compound rubber (with elasticity and tearing resistance)
  • Withstand temperatures lower than -10º C
  • HNBR has a very high resistance against aggressive chemicals and solvents

Quick ConnectQuick Connect Hose 32 in (OR024998)

Quick Connect
Quick Connect Hose 48 in (OR24997)

Quick Connect
Commercial Quick Connect Hose (OR024996)

Extraflex Quick Connect Hose
  • Made of chromium plated brass
  • Allows quick and easy connection and disconnection at the second stage so mask may be transported free of the first stage
  • Length of hose: 800 mm (32 in) or 1200 mm (48 in)
  • Highly durable and flexible for high manueverability.
  • Extraflex hose

Commerical Quick Connect

Quick Connect

Commerical Quick Connect

Quick Connect Adapter

product code: 33072

Commercial Quick Connect Hose (Used with Neptune Space and Neptune II NIRA masks)

  • Made of chromium plated brass
  • Allows quick and easy connection and disconnection at the second stage so mask may be transported free of the first stage
  • Sturdy unit that requires two handed disconnection
  • Length of hose: 800 mm (32 in)
  • Made for commercial and professional applications

Quick Connect Adapter

  • Adapt standard Hoses to use Quick connect

Dual Tank Valve

Dual Tank Valve

product code: 33049

Dual Tank Valve (Used with Neptune Space and Neptune II NIRA masks)

  • Permits the connection of the NIRA to two different gas sources (air/ nitrox), allowing alternate use of gasses without removing the full face mask

Swivel Connection

Swivel Connection

product code: 33033

Swivel Connection (Used with Neptune Space and Neptune II NIRA masks)

  • Made of chromium plated brass
  • Allows freer movement when attached to the second stage
  • Can be used in conjunction with the quick connect hose

Mask Measuring Kit

Mask Measuring Kit

product code: 33075

Mask Measuring Kit assists divers in determining the mask size that fits best.

  • The Neptune Series Masks come in two sizes:
    • small/medium
    • medium/large
  • Sizing and measuring system were designed in accordance with the official measuring procedure used in the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory charts at the SBCCOM Mask Fit Facility- Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland, USA)
  • Mask Measuring Kit includes:
    • Measuring tool (caliper)
    • Full Face Mask size recommendation chart
    • Measuring Instructions
  • Only two simple facial measurements determine mask size

Neptune Drinking Device

Drinking Device

product code: 33080

Neptune Drinking Device (Used with Neptune Space and Neptune II NIRA masks)

  • Allows the diver to drink while underwater
  • Connects on the right octopus port and requires the oralnasal mask to be changed
  • Rotating straw sits inside the mask
  • Valve on the drinking device tube allows the diver to control the flow of liquid through the device
  • Drinking device kit must be assembled by an authorized OCEAN REEF Service Center
  • Drinking Device Kit includes the following items:
    • Internal silicone and rotating straw, oralnasal mask
    • Drinking device connection to the mask
    • Tube, valve, and quick connection
    • Neptune water pouch

Use of the drinking device is STRICTLY limited to commercial and expert certified divers.

Neptune Water Pouch

Water Pouch

product code: 33082

Neptune Water Pouch

  • Water Pouch to be used with Neptune Drinking Device

Regular Connector

Regular Connector

small - product code: 33020
medium - product code: 33021

A special adaptor which allows the connection of several kinds of regulators. The adaptor is available in two sizes, medium (standard) and small. The adaptor fits in place of the surface air valve.

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