Who's Using OCEAN REEF Products?

Roberto Santillo Managing Director - MARENOSTRUM

We would like to thank for the products and service you granted during the RAI – Radio television Italiana and RAI International program: ABISSI. The products were excellent and the communication have been great. It was very beneficial to use the OCEAN REEF products in our program.

Federica Morelli – Executive Producer MISSIONE NATURA – L7TV - Telecom Italy group

On behalf of the MISSIONE NATURA staff we wish to thank OCEAN REEF for all supplied diving equipment (full face masks w/accessories and communication units) The OCEAN REEF service and collaboration have been great!

"OCEAN REEF has become an integral component in my underwater film work. The Neptune System is very comfortable, provides excellent visibility, and makes using full face masks and underwater comm's a pleasure!"

Jeremiah Sullivan (Inventor of the Neptunic Shark Suit)

Jeremiah SullivanOver the past 30 years, Jeremiah Sullivan has been the man behind the creation of NEPTUNIC SHARKSUITS, also referred to as the Steel Mesh Shark Suit. Jeremiah’s Sharksuits have been instrumental in the development of a worldwide shark diving industry, creating the opportunity for divers to more safely study and interact with these magnificent marine predators. Always on the ‘cutting edge’, Jeremiah has spent many years working in remote areas of the world both above and below water as one of the pioneers of the adventure industry. When it comes to diving, Jeremiah uses OCEAN REEF Neptune Space Systems for his underwater FFM and communication needs.

"As the CEO of Shark Diver we have come to depend on OCEAN REEF technology for simply outstanding underwater communication with our divers. The ease of use, the clarity of sound, and the styling of the units make them not only functional but cool to look at. There are three things we need when we are in the middle of shark diving operations:

  1. Mask view - when divers are facing 15 foot 2,000 lb Great Whites, they want as much view as they can get, OCEAN REEF delivers.

  2. Sound clarity - divers need to be able to understand each other on the first try down there. Again Ocean Reef is superior to other units we have tested.

  3. Lastly, ease of use - our divers are often unsure about a full mask set up, until they try these units. Within 2 minutes you're set and ready to go.

I not only suggest these units to our divers, but our safety dive teams use them as well and we now insist on their use with film crews who use Shark Diver for shark related film shoots all over the planet. Look for us and OCEAN REEF on Shark Week 2008 this summer. You have excellent gear and we'll stand by your stuff anytime."

Patric Douglas (CEO Shark Diver)

Shark Diver turns everyday adventure seekers into underwater explorers. Join us this year on board any of our hand selected shark diving vessels to meet huge Great White Sharks (Carcharodon Carcharias) in the industry's largest shark cages. Divers and non-divers alike seeking a week long encounter with the ocean's ultimate predator no longer need to travel over 5000 miles to South Africa or Australia. Shark Diver offers dives with Great Whites, Tigers and even the Giant Humboldt Squid. Shark Diver also offers all inclusive pricing, record for safety, and special dollar value to our divers from the Europe and Canada make these shark encounters a once in a lifetime adventure!

"Full face masks are absolutely essential to my job. In fact, I'm not sure how we'd get the spectacular results my clients expect without the ability to communicate clearly underwater. I often run a team of safety divers, camera operators and underwater talent, all of whom are involved in an intricate dance of filming top order predators while relying on me to ensure their safety.

OCEAN REEF masks were an integral part of shooting Mythbusters' Shark Week 2008. With so many myths to bust or confirm, we required reliable full face masks that also look great on camera. The OCEAN REEF Neptune was exactly what the job required, and I was stoked on how comfortable they were even after an 8 hour day underwater!"

Luke Tipple (Shark Diving Adventure)

Luke TippleWhen it comes to working and diving with sharks, Luke demands only the best equipment. As a marine biologist he works with numerous species of sharks from top order predators such as the Great White and Tiger Shark to more gentle species like the filter feeding Whale Shark. His accomplishments include writing tourism guidelines for Honduras based on his field research, and safely guiding hundreds of clients while diving the infamous Guadalupe Island, Mexico, and Tiger Shark Beach in the Bahamas. Recently he consulted and conducted film shoots for both Discovery Channel and the French documentary company Ushwaia. He is regularly contracted to coordinate potential life and death situations, understandably he is very particular about where he puts his trust.

"Imagine being on the bottom of the Puget Sound in the middle of the night, circled by a half-dozen 12-14 foot six gill sharks! Wearing an OCEAN REEF Neptune Full Face Mask, I was able to direct my underwater cameraman and give live "play by play" to the surface crew 60 feet above. All of this for the Discovery Channel special Shark After Dark airing this summer, during Shark Week.

I also used the masks extensively while filming at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, describing the action while our shark biologist conducted a hand-feeding experiment amidst 50 hungry lemon sharks. It was awesome!

The masks, allowing me to describe the scene to the audience, gave the show an added a sense of immediacy, and of course they worked perfectly. I could never go back to a traditional mask and reg! I use the Neptune everytime I go in the water."

Jeff Kurr (Producer/Host Shark Week)

Jeff KurrA renowned producer and cinematograhper, Jeff Kurr has made a name for himself with his work on television specials & shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Girls Next Door, Super Agent, Intimate Portrait, Secrets of Soviet Space Distasters, and Supernany. He is also known for his work with sharks in such productions as Jaws of the Pacific, Air Jaws, Great White Shark Uncaged, Sharks of the Atlantic, Shark Attack Files, Two Miles Down, and more! While his resumé does not end there, as producer and host of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Jeff has utilized the OCEAN REEP Neptune System throughout production.

"OCEAN REEF’s full-face masks and underwater communication systems are a key part of our four-times-weekly Kelp tank Dive Shows here at the Birch Aquarium. They allow excellent communication between our divers and the viewing public.

With the Neptune masks and ALPHA PRO sound system, our divers have their hands free to feed the sharks, groupers and giant sea bass, all while carrying on a lively dialogue with our visitors.

All of our dive gear suffers some abuse from interactions with the larger fish while we’re feeding them, and OCEAN REEF has been outstanding when it comes to servicing their equipment, even soliciting our advice for improving their products.

Our live feeding shows are among the most popular attractions here at the Birch Aquarium, and OCEAN REEF has been a major factor in helping us maintain that level of commitment to educating AND entertaining our visitors.

We couldn't do it without them!"

Mark Ball (Lead Aquarist, Birch Aquarium at Scripps)

Birch Aquarium at Scripps brings to life the exciting discoveries of world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography. For more than a century, the aquarium has inspired visitors with the wonders of the ocean. Enter the world of sharks, seahorses, living coral reefs and more, and discover a stunning variety of Pacific marine life in more than 60 habitats. Interact with exhibits that showcase the cutting-edge discoveries of Scripps Oceanography explorers through hands-on displays and multimedia. Birch Aquarium at Scripps is located on a coastal bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Scripps Campus in La Jolla, an area famed for its beaches, dining, and culture. By car, the aquarium is minutes from downtown La Jolla and La Jolla Shores.

"Your high level of customer service and technical support exceeded anything ever experienced before personally in my over 23 years of experience as a dive professional working with various dive equipment manufacturing and retailing organizations ... Again thanks for all your exemplary support and assistance to us over the past seven years."

Patrick Murphy (Dive Safety Officer, North Carolina Aquariums)

The North Carolina Aquariums operate three facilities located on the Roanoke Island, at Pine Knoll, and at Fort Fisher. The Aquariums were established in 1976 to promote an awareness, understanding, appreciation, and conservation of the diverse natural and cultural resources associated with North Carolina's ocean, estuaries, rivers, streams, and other aquatic environments. The North Carolina Aquariums are a division of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The Aquariums are accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. The North Carolina Aquariums continue to expand and improve. In 1976, the Aquariums had a little more than two hundred thousand visitors. Last year, the North Carolina Aquariums educated over one million visitors. North Carolinas Roanoke Aquarium uses the Neptune Space and Neptune Communication systems for many aspects of aquarium maintenance, modifications, cleaning and entertainment. This includes the diver/audience interactive tank shows.

And what about our customers?

"I would say that it was a pleasure using the OCEAN REEF masks  recently with a blind diver…Diveheart uses the masks to guide and narrate to visually impaired divers and also uses the masks for it’s cognitively impaired and quadriplegic divers…it’s wonderful to have a tool like the OCEAN REEF mask to give a wider range of disabled divers the scuba experience."

Jim Elliot (Diveheart)

"My choice for a full face mask is the OCEAN REEF Predator. It's superior to other brands because it has greater visibility around the mask, it's more comfortable, easy to use, dependable, has lots of accessories and their parts are more reasonable than some of the other brands. I recommend this mask for any level of diver. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks OCEAN REEF for all your support and help in making my dives successful."

Matt Johnston (Diving a Dream)

"I am an instructor and I highly recommend a full face mask for anyone teaching new divers, especially kids. When teaching, I occasionally have to use a conventional mask and regulator, but each time I do, I can't wait to get back to my full face mask."

Jerry Price (Kickady Scuba, Conroe, TX)

"I finally got to use my Neptune, and it was great. I have now used it 7 times in open water and have dived twice at the Baltimore Aquarium. I don't ever want to go back to the regular mask again. It was a real pleasure to experience a dry face, no foggy lens, and no jaw fatigue. I could spend all day under the water with this mask."

John Hickman

"I was on the verge of giving up my diving. The in-mouth regulators were drying my throat out so bad, [I had] asthma problems at depth. Then I saw [a FFM] on a web site. I read the specs and decided to give it a try. Let's just say I am [now] not only back to diving, but diving more than I ever have before!"

Terry Martin

"To my knowledge, OCEAN REEF is the only manufacturer of full face masks out there now with "sizing" catered to fit the smaller faces, specifically those of female divers. Believe me, it makes a world of difference for the 80% of my staff that falls into that category. In my opinion, you've hot a home run and are to be commended!"

Patrick Murphy (Dive Safety Officer, North Carolina Aquariums)

"All our customers and research members that use the Neptune System comment on how user-friendly and efficient it is. The communication units are able to give them the necessary real time access from staff underwater to staff on the surface. The ability to instantaneously communicate is critical to the efficiency of the shark research."

Patric Douglas (CEO Shark Diver)

"I purchased the OCEAN REEF mask last year. I've been a sport diver for 26 years and it is THE best mask I've ever used. I bought the mark on a lark... Once I tried it, I quickly realized that I had just found the best fitting mask ever and it's field of view was second to none! This is a Top Notch mash."

Bob Downey (Dallas, TX)

"OCEAN REEF's Neptune II System has proven to be a huge success at the North Carolina Aquarium. Completing over 350 education dive shows a year on the OCEAN REEF wireless communications system has proven the Neptune II System is of high quality, which holds up extremely well under a demanding aquarium dive schedule."

Pat Murphy (Dive Safety Officer, North Carolina Aquariums)

"By using the OCEAN REEF full face mask, our team's surface support can stay in touch with the divers underwater, which is critical to our recoveries. With the Neptune mask, the divers can stay warmer in the cold water and are able to avoid contamination from diving environments. In addition, the mask allows ease wile breathing, no fogging, a larger area of view, better security with 360º support from the mask strap, and all this at a great price. These are the reasons the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department Dive Recovery Team loves the OCEAN REEF Neptune System!"

Dale Autry (Oklahoma Sheriff's Dive Recovery Team Member)
At the 2004 Undersea Festival in Belgium, brave diver Inneke Van de Vivijier stayed underwater for a record-breaking 24 hours straight. Afterward, she cited her FFM as the key to keeping herself comfortable because she was able to breathe freely through her nose while submerged.

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