Distinctive Specialty Courses

Diving with an Integrated mask

In this course we will present and evaluate the characteristics inherent in the Integrated mask, which is destined to be used by a growing number of divers in the next few years.
There are several benefits to diving with this type of mask,

  •  Breathing through the nose like Mother nature taught us.
  •  Protecting ourselves from the cold. We already do it with increasingly sophisticated suits – why leave our most delicate areas exposed to the cold?
  • Communicating by talking. It's one of the most obvious natural actions of a human being. Communicating for practical reasons, if not only for safety.

Diving with an Integrated Mask PADI Distinctive Specialty Course

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Underwater Communications Course

The UW Communication for Instructors - PADI Distinctive Specialty has been designed for diving professionals that are considering using underwater communication during their day-to-day activities; either while teaching student divers or when leading a group of divers.

This course implements knowledge development, a confined water skill development session, and two open water training dives. The knowledge development session of this specialty is conducted through the OCEAN REEF UW Communication for Instructors - Online Class.

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E.diving Online Communication Course Introduction


PADI Distinctive Specialty Course Guide for Students


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Distinctive Specialty Course Guide for Instructors


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Neptune System Training Program (NSTP)

The Neptune System Training Program (NSTP) is designed to teach the safe usage of the OCEAN REEF full-face masks and underwater communication system. The NSTP literature has been developed by the R&D department of OCEAN REEF with the support of Course Directors, Instructor Trainers and Instructors around the world. It is a friendly step-by-step learning program of “why” and “how” to use / teach with OCEAN REEF.

Available training material:

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Intregrated mask course

Underwater communication, skills for a new way of diving

These booklets are dedicated to the proper education of how to use OCEAN REEF Full Face Masks correctly and communicate underwater with an innovative training system to make the team members more efficient and understandable while communicating.



The MRT is a table of 50 lines, and each line contains six words with similar sounds (help, yelp, kelp, etc.). Each diver receives this table. A reading sequence is established in which diver A selects and reads only one of the six words on each line (such as "kelp"), marking it off on his table, and working from the first line he proceeds downward with a five second pause between each word. The diver listening has the same table, and using a marker ticks off each of the words pronounced (or at least the one that he thinks is correct).

At the end of the exercise, the transmission and reception word tables are compared. The more words were understood correctly, the higher the level of communications intelligibility.

This exercise was created to verify the quality of communications betweentwo units, and can also be applied in training among groups of divers who use underwater communications often (such as instructors at the same dive school).

This exercise should also be repeated between the underwater (SUB T) and surface (SURF) units, between SUB T and SUB R, and between SURF and SUB R. Intelligibility is considered:

Excellent: if the listeners (both) understand more than 45 words.
Acceptable: if the listeners (both) understand more than 38 words.
Unacceptable: if the listeners (both) understand fewer than 38 words.

The test is considered invalid if the results between the two divers differ by more than 20%.


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The final goal of the NSTP is to train instructors how to properly handle their underwater courses by verbally interacting with their students. This is a powerful tool for training, education, safety, and enjoyment.

Contact our Educational (NSTP) Dept. for more information or questions at education@oceanreefgroup.com

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