Why Dive a Full Face Mask?

Why Dive a Full Face Mask?

Neptune Space MaskInstead of asking why you should dive with a full face mask (FFM), maybe you should ask yourself, “Why not?” If you’ve never used one before, you may be unaware of the features and benefits a FFM provides.

Whether you’ve been diving for years or just earned your C-card, common goals unite all divers — safety, comfort, and of course, adventure, just to name a few. You depend upon your dive gear to help you reach these goals each time you dive. A FFM could be just the piece of gear you need to enhance your future diving adventures.

Professionals use FFMs because they offer extra protection when diving in extreme conditions, and until recently FFMs were only available to these divers. However, user-friendly design and affordable prices have made FFMs accessible for all divers. Today, lack of awareness is all that stands between a recreational diver and a FFM.

If you’re interested in a FFM, but not sure where to find one, just ask the owner of your local dive shop. He or she may even be able to set up a FFM demo at the store so you can really learn what sets a FFM apart. And don’t forget the internet! Check out the website of any FFM manufacturer and you will find information on the product and places to purchase it.

So, if you want to learn more about FFMs — and how they can push your diving to the next level — keep reading. You are sure to discover some answers to that original question, “Why dive a full face mask?”

Do I need to take a class?

Any diver knows proper training always equals a safer, more enjoyable dive. Your first experience diving with a FFM should be unforgettably positive. A full face mask training course can be the key to ensuring that great first dive.

Diving with a FFM is easy, but if you’ve never tried one before - a class can be incredibly beneficial. A FFM training course provides you with the basic technical knowledge necessary to be a competent FFM diver. This knowledge allows you to dive with all the benefits of safety, fun, socialization and product satisfaction.

FFM training is available from certified instructors. Though the training period can differ for each diver, most can be trained in a single-day session; however, in-depth specialty courses are available.

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